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Welcome to the PC-Rail Website!

The home of PC-Rail's high quality railway signalling and operating simulations.

Basingstoke, location of one of our Steam Era simulations.

Your feedback

"I have to say that your products are absolutely superb. I am a railwayman myself and I believe your simulations capture the unique feel of the operating side very well."

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Special Offers!

Until the end of September, we are offering a discount of 10% off the price of all our simulations.

Our discount for larger orders (over 100) is also increased to 15% for the same period.

New! - Scarborough

Based on the Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough in the age of steam, a major part of the operating challenge is control of the large loco shed, including turntable and coaling stage.  ...  more

New! - Seaton Junction

This fine heritage simulation recreates the days of main line and branch line steam on the Southern, with semaphore signalling and authentic operation of the manual signal box, including facing point locks (a new feature for our simulations).  ...  more

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User Support
  • PC-Rail User Group

    Go there to obtain advice on the use of our simulations, download free timetables and view lots of photos of PC-Rail locations.

Extension Timetables

A large range of alternative timetables is available for purchase from the PC-Rail Services website.

  • Orders over 100.00: - 10%

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