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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we have received from users. You may find the answer to your question or problem here. If not, please refer to our other Support pages.

Simulation is newly installed but won't start up


My computer crashed and now PC-Rail won't start up


Errors are reported while running a simulation


How do I reinstall the software or upgrade to the latest version?


The registration details I have for my simulation(s) no longer work, or I have lost/mislaid the codes


Can I run PC-Rail on an Apple Mac?


My Antivirus program is reporting that the downloaded file contains a virus


Help Files Showing Blank Pages


I would like to write my own timetable for PC-Rail - can you offer any advice?

Please note : Due to the complexity of some of the PC-Rail timetables we are unable to help with individual train solutions unless related to a specific error or fault.

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